Simpler safety training with the Frontline LMS content library

The Frontline LMS content library is full of high-quality safety training materials that are ready to use with the click of a button. 

Use the search function to look up keywords for the topics you’re interested in. 

This will pull up any courses containing your keywords in either the title or description. 

Forklifts, chemicals, fall protection, if there’s a course to match, you can find it, no problem. 

Scroll through the available options to find a course that contains the information you want to teach. 

To preview a course, simply launch it in the media player and click through the content. 

With this easy-to-use library of more than 400 EHS courses, you can skip the hassle of creating materials from scratch and get straight to teachin’. 

To learn more about simpler safety training and Frontline products, head to our product videos page!