Employee information management in the Frontline LMS tool

Employee information management is simpler with Frontline LMS. 

Quickly create new employee records in the People Information tool. 

All the required fields are indicated with a red line, so you can stick to the basics if you’re looking to save time. These include: 

  • The employee’s full name 
  • Company 
  • Division 
  • Account 
  • User ID 
  • Password 
  • And the active and inactive dates 

For more detailed employee records, fill out the additional fields like email, HR job title, and more. 

And if an employee goes on leave, simply mark them as inactive in the system. When they come back to work, you’ll be able to reactivate their profile, saving the hassle of creating a new record from scratch. 

Of course, no employee information tool would be complete without a search function. Search by name or user ID to find the record you’re looking for. 

With all these tools and more, you can keep accurate and detailed employee information with as little upkeep as possible. 

 To learn more about employee management with Frontline, head to our LMS page!