Corrective Action Log Template

Keeping a detailed log of all your action items is essential for completing all of them efficiently. Without a log, it’s difficult to keep up with the status of critical tasks—especially those that follow major safety incidents. 

This corrective action log Excel template provides the basic outline you need to record the following action item information: 

  • Severity level 
  • Problem description 
  • Action item description 
  • Owner 
  • Due date 
  • Completion date 

If you’re interested in a digital, as opposed to manual, approach, check out Frontline ACT. It’s a powerful action tracking tool that you can use for all sorts of action items. From incident corrective action to continuous improvement projects, you can apply the tools in Frontline ACT to just about any area of performance. To learn more about it, check out the video below or book a demo with the sales team. 

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