Finding a contractor sign in system for your team

Signing contractors into a worksite is a hassle if you can’t keep track of whether they fulfill all the regulatory requirements. Waste less time by streamlining your sign-in process using a dedicated management system.

What is a contractor sign in system?

A contractor sign in system is a digital platform or tool for tracking third-party workers that come in and out of a worksite.

In the past, most businesses relied on pen and paper methods to verify the contractors onsite. Modern systems, however, allow companies to verify contractor compliance with the simple scan of a badge.

What are the benefits of a sign in system?

Having a standard process for documenting and onboarding contractors is essential to your company’s environmental, health, and safety goals. That’s because a digital verification system allows you to:

  • Fully document all the employees on a worksite.
  • Ensure that all contractors have the training required to meet OSHA’s requirements.
  • Get rid of the manual tracking tasks related to contractor sign in.
  • Prevent undocumented or unqualified workers from entering a jobsite.

All these benefits add up to reduced risk exposure for things like injuries, fatalities, and environmental incidents. Not to mention, your EHS team will have more time to implement process changes that improve business performance.

What features or characteristics should I look for?

When shopping for any software solution, it’s important to consider which features are non-negotiable for your team. During the buying process, your non-negotiables will help you weed out providers that don’t have the capabilities you need.

Prepare your list ahead of time so that you can find a provider faster. Below are some features and characteristics to look for in a contractor management system.

Simple workflows

The goal with any software system or tool is to simplify the process you already have in place. If a tool has too many steps to use, it may not actually make your life easier.

Simple workflows are essential for making the contractor sign-in process more efficient. Write out the steps you have in your current approach and use that as a benchmark for finding a system provider.

User-friendly system navigation

Systems that have a lot of tools and add-ons can be exciting but consider whether you really need or want those extras. You may find that you’re paying for unnecessary tools. And sometimes, having too many features can make the system too complex for users.

Look out for a solution that is easy for employees to learn how to use and that doesn’t drown your team in extra features. When it comes time for implementation, you’ll have a much easier time training all your workers how to navigate the new sign-in platform.

Support during the implementation process

One of the most underrated areas of the software buying process is the implementation phase. Most providers will offer excellent customer service during the sales process. After all, they want you to buy from them, so they’ll be very accommodating and hands-on.

But not all providers give the same level of support once you’ve signed a contract with them.

When implementing a new system, there are always unforeseen challenges. Having someone to support you through the implementation process can be a game changer for how you ultimately benefit from the software.

The Frontline contractor sign in system

Frontline CSM (contractor safety management) is a digital system that allows you to quickly check workers in to a jobsite.  It allows you to manage all the training requirements for these workers, ensuring that your site is in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Use our mobile app to scan a contractor’s badge at the gate. If they’ve completed their training, the success screen will appear, and you can let them in.

If they have incomplete training items, they’ll have to finish those requirements before they can start work. This means that you won’t waste hours trying to track down workers who have missed new training.

Check out how the Frontline mobile app allows you verify contractors’ identities in the video below!

Digital ID verification

Frontline CSM allows you to instantly check whether contractors have completed their training requirements.