10 EHS events that safety professionals should attend in 2022

With constant new regulations, policies, and laws taking place, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest industry news and trends. EHS professionals will need to gain versatile training and certifications, keep informed on emerging technologies, and actively play a role in promoting their company’s image and work culture. And what better way to stay up to date than to attend EHS events in 2022?

According to Markets and Markets, the EHS market size is expected to grow up to $8.9B by 2026, with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.4%. Environmental concerns, disruptive technologies, and operational excellence are among the drivers of this significant growth.

From conferences discussing the most contemporary trends in safety management to workshops educating professionals on health and safety regulations, there are so many long-established and new events EHS professionals can be a part of in 2022. We took the liberty of listing the 10 events every safety professional should attend this year.

1. ASSP SafetyFocus 2022

February 21-25 | Phoenix, Arizona & Virtual

SafetyFOCUS is more of an experience rather than a conference. ASSP’s event offers hands-on training that covers your specific job duties and helps you learn new skills. Their courses are designed specifically for your line of work, so you can master key concepts and build expertise.


April 5-7 | Fort Worth, Texas

The National Association for EHS&S (NAEM) will provide you with all the industry insight in their annual Compliance, Reporting, & Digital Strategy conference. Get a full program of workshops, presentations, in-depth training, and data management strategies to help you achieve your technology goals.

3. The Future of EHS

April 11-14 | Louisville, Kentucky & Virtual

The Campbell Institute’s The Future of EHS conference will be a part of the Work to Zero Summit & Expo. The hybrid event aims to create a place to share ideas and learn from safety peers.

4. Safety in Action

May 9-13 | Dallas, Texas

DEKRA’s annual safety conference Safety in Action assembles managers, supervisors and leadership from all over the world to network with peers and learn about best practices. The event will dive into the topics of exposure reduction, workforce wellbeing, industrial ergonomics, improving performance reliability, executive transformational leadership, and many more. Registration opens in February, so don’t miss it.

5. OPEX22 | EHS Operational Excellence Conference

May 17-19 | Virtual

Join NAEM’s EHS Operational Excellence Conference which will you or your company lead practices to reduce risk, embed compliance into business culture and attain EHS operational excellence.

6. EHS Seminar & Industry Trade Show

June 6-9 | Galveston, Texas

EHS Seminar & Industry Trade Show is certainly one of the largest safety events in the nation. With a sole focus on industry personnel, the event creates the opportunity to connect with friends, old colleagues, and make new connections with colleagues from across the industry.


July 8-13 | Scottsdale, Arizona& Virtual

The long-standing SCHEMA Conference focuses on EHS professionals in higher education. The event aims to create a forum to interchange ideas, methods and means to improve the EHS profession across the nation.

8. WOMENLEAD22 | EHS&S Leadership Roundtable

July 25-28 | Denver, Colorado

NAEM’s Leadership Roundtable is the only conference designed for women working in corporate Environmental, Health and Safety or Sustainability to learn how to advance careers, improve business initiatives and reach their personal goals within the industry.

9. EHS Today: Safety Leadership Conference

October 18-20 | Cleveland, Ohio & Virtual

EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference will be held in Las Vegas for the 11th time this year. The Conference will host speakers from the industry, and the 2022 class of America’s Safest Companies, who will share insights on safety leadership.

10. EHS & Sustainability Management Forum

October 18-21 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida & Virtual

NAEM’s EHS & Sustainability Management Forum offers a unique opportunity for environment, health, and safety and sustainability (EHS&S) professionals to network with peers from leading companies. The forum provides attendees with exposure to new ideas and allows them to gain hands-on knowledge on how best to implement new strategies.ASSP

If any of these events seem interesting to you, we encourage you to attend at least one in the year ahead. You’ll be surprised by what you learn and the networking opportunities that await you. For more on environment, health and safety, don’t forget to check out the Frontline blog.