10 best free videos for safety training

In almost all EHS related platforms, we see the same question, “Do you know any good training videos?” or “Where do I find engaging safety videos for my team?” We see this question a lot because learning and effective training are the backbones of implementing a safety culture in the workplace. So, if you’re looking for free and compelling safety training content — then you have come to the right place. We did some digging on YouTube and compiled 10 of the best sources for free EHS and safety training videos.

Charlie Morecraft

Charlie is a former employee of Exxon who suffered a near-fatal injury in 1980. At the time, he had 15 years of experience under his belt, along with the confidence of knowing his way around the refinery as an operator. He took a shortcut with the necessary procedures and ended up burning 50% of his entire body. The accident resulted in enormous amounts of physical and emotional pain, but since then, Morecraft dedicated his life to sharing his story and is considered the most successful Safety Motivational Speaker. Check out some of Charlie’s inspirational talks and safety training on YouTube.


Since we mentioned Exxon, it might be a good idea to continue with the United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board’s (USCBS) videos. The USCBS channel is home to some of the most informative and high-quality safety videos on the internet. From extensive case studies to comprehensive training, the Board offers a variety of well-narrated content for all industries. Check out their most-watched video, an animation of the 2015 ExxonMobil refinery explosion.


FallTech, a company that produces fall safety equipment, has some of the best industry practice videos on fall protection. From how to inspect and don a full-body harness to installing tethers to your hard hat, their videos cover just about anything you might need on fall protection. As it is the most cited OSHA violation, we recommend starting off with the ABCs of fall protection.

Ally Safety

Ally Safety has one mission: to make safety entertaining. And their content does exactly that! Spokesperson and safety consultant Rachel Walla does a fantastic job portraying her ability and expertise in an inspiring way. From different types of training and how-tos to interviews and case studies, Ally Safety offers digestible, entertaining safety content.

Rachel Walla | Safety Ally


WorkSafeBC, also known as The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia, is a workers’ compensation company that aims to make a difference in workplace health and safety. Their channel is filled with 5-minute historical interviews and case studies, along with long and extensive training videos on PSM, food safety, and much more. Make sure to check out their video on the dangers that lie behind confined spaces.

United States Department of Labor (US DOL)

From soft skill assessments to safety tips in English and Spanish, the US Department of Labor holds a versatile library of content for every professional in the EHS field. Their YouTube channel has videos of OSHA examinations which could be very useful to consult when training and even career opportunities within OSHA. Check out their video on examining a crane hazard.

Oregon OSHA

The Oregon OSHA channel has some old-school, hardcore training courses. Aside from short safety tips and guides, they offer how-to videos on inspections and equipment use, along with full-length training on just about any field or area. Take a look at their 2-hour training course on the fundamentals of fall protection.

Consult DSS+

You’ve more than likely seen the funny Safety Meeting Opener video on the DSS channel. Although it is one of the most circulated videos in EHS training, it’s not the only significant video from DSS. Their content includes insight on topics like safety culture, process safety management, and the duty companies have in providing environmental safety. Don’t miss their video on change management.


Safety Videos sell long-form videos on injuries, ergonomics, orientation, and of course, training. But their YouTube account has free previews, which are simple, informative, and useful for safety meetings and professionals. Check out their most-watched or “best-selling” video on forklift safety training.

DuPont Nomex®

DuPont is a Fortune 500 chemical company that also produces different products and brands to serve the EHS industry. One of their most interesting products is the Nomex®, to which they’ve dedicated a YouTube channel. It is a fire-resistant PPE garment that offers protection if in contact with superior heat, flame, and arc flashes. As predicted, their videos are heavily related to fire safety, proper use of PPE, and product trials. Here’s a course on how to properly wear flame resistant clothing.

Bonus: RKI Instruments

If you have any questions about gas detectors, the RKI Instruments channel is the place to be. Access intensive videos on setting up, calibrating, and maintaining gas detectors, along with training for different types of products. Anyone working in chemical management should take a quick look at their gas monitor training.