Tackling the formula shortage, fatal construction injuries, & Abby Ferri

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Tackling the shortage

We covered the status of the baby formula shortage last week but there have been some recent updates, so President Joe Biden recently announced that his administration would be taking new actions to alleviate the formula shortages, including invoking the Defense Production Act.

The DPA allows the government more control over industrial production during emergencies, as we saw in the pandemic – and it has been invoked to direct suppliers of formula ingredients to prioritize delivery to the manufacturers of formula.

The White House also announced, “Operation Fly Formula” to speed up imports. The president has asked the Department of Health and Human Services and the Agriculture Department to use Defense commercial aircraft to pick up U.S.-approved, overseas infant formula “so it can get to store shelves faster.” Hopefully, these measures will help parents across the US get access to formula.

Fatal injuries in construction

The next news item is about fatal construction injuries. The rate of fatal injuries in construction rose 11.1% over a recent 10-year period, with the rate among Hispanic workers spiking 31.3%, according to a new report from The Center for Construction Research and Training.

Using 2011-2020 data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, researchers calculated an annual average of 963 fatal injuries among all construction and extraction occupations. For nonfatal injuries, the annual average among private wage-and-salary construction workers was 78,000.

Safety Professional of the Year: Abby Ferri

Last but certainly not least, The ASSP has named Abby Ferri the Safety Professional of the Year, so a huge congratulations. We see and celebrate the changes you’re making in the world of EHS!