Simplified employee orientation processes

Provide your employees and contractors with training and orientation.

Contractor Safety Management Software
On-boarding contractors

Training and smooth orientation

Some of our customers use this software to comply with regulatory standards that require them to orient their customers on their products. For example, one of our chemical industry clients is currently using the product orientation software to train their customers on their fertilizer products. See more key features below to discover how this software can simplify your processes.

Equip team members with the right training

  • Design your own online courses using the built-in authoring tool (courses can contain text, images, video, audio and more) or by converting a PowerPoint presentation into training
  • Embed questions within courses and create tests with a variety of question types to reinforce learning
  • Place a link to Product Orientation training on your customer support website
Train contractors
Manage & Verify contractors

Verify and approve

  • Authenticate customers using pass-through authentication or by providing a blanket pass-key to each customer company that allows any employee of the company to create a new user account and take training
  • Quickly track the employees from each customer company that access and complete training via the software’s simple reporting interface
  • All Frontline products come with a comprehensive set of support services

“Frontline provides us with an efficient way to manage training assignments based on employee roles. The best thing about the tool is the wide range of reports on specific information which has been very useful during audits and inspections.”

Brazil Guerrero,
Training Manager, AmSty

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