EHS software for mining operations

Simplify EHS management and digitize critical safety & compliance processes for a safer job site.

EHS for Mining

Improve safety, minimize risk and increase productivity

Improve your compliance control and safety policy effectiveness while gaining visibility across your operations.

Frontline helps mining companies improve compliance, safety, and productivity by digitizing the process of collecting data, managing corrective actions, and automatically generating actionable reports.

Easily track and manage EHS remotely

Track incidents and near misses and implement corrective and preventative action tasks to mitigate the risk of future incidents. Get access to real-time data to avoid regulatory and operational pitfalls.

Gain insight into your mining operations and simplify the process of managing multiple sites with different teams, regulations, and processes.

Frontline helps your company create a safer and more productive work environment.


EHS software for mining industry

The user-friendly & scalable EHS solution 

Work on any device, in any location, even when offline.

Task Management

Task Management

Manage corrective actions and workflows. Ensure alignment across the field and back office.

Safety Management

Audit Management

Easily schedule and perform audits and inspections to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies such as MSHA.


Incident Management

Improve safety and decrease disruptions to your operations by recording and investigating incidents.


Training & Onboarding

Train and certify new employees, third parties, and contractors to ensure that standard operating procedures and compliance is being met.

Hazard Analysis

Document Procedures

Manage change with coordinated workflows and document all safety procedures to optimize internal processes and external audits.

Custom Workflows

Frontline is easy to implement and manage. The EHS platform is customizable so that it easily fits your processes and operations.

EHS resources for mining operations

MOC Solution

Management of change solutions for critical processes

Manage operational, organizational, and equipment changes with Frontline’s OSHA and EPA compliant software.

PSM Guide

Process safety management program: The definitive guide

The PSM standard includes 14 elements, each of which requires varying degrees of diligence.

MOC Process

Incident management tracking system for heavy industries

A comprehensive tracking system for managing incidents, audits, preventive actions, and more.

See what Frontline can do for your company.

Learn how you can track, manage, and automate everything from regulatory compliance audits to safety inspections with Frontline’s EHS solutions.