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Looking to upgrade HACCP processes?

Make the transition smoother with a digital approach. Frontline has everything you need to implement and monitor your new food safety management system.

Easily document preliminary hazard analyses, monitor control measures, and perform any task with a click (or a tap) of a button even when you’re offline. Use our mobile app to make sure HACCP action items are completed on time.

HACCP Software

Collaborate on HACCP to-dos

Rolling out a new food safety system is a complex process. Your team will benefit from the collaborative nature of a software solution. Instead of emailing team members repeatedly for updates on steps in the implementation process, you can track it all in the cloud.

You can assign tasks to different individuals and see whether they’re complete. If your team experiences turnover, you can reassign unfinished tasks. This ensures that the HACCP implementation stays on track. And with the ability to collaborate, you can cut down on downtime in between steps of the process.

Being able to manage audits and other critical tasks from the cloud means that your team’s efforts are coordinated in the most organized way possible. With improved oversight over each pending or complete task, you can ensure that your site is ready for both scheduled and unscheduled audits.

  • Assign action items related to upcoming audits
  • Track the implementation of new safety protocols
  • Monitor process changes
  • Check for completion of food safety training

Monitor food safety hazards

Once your HACCP system is in place, you’ll need a way to document all the hazard analyses, risk assessments, etc. that you do. The benefit of HACCP software is that it eliminates the tediousness of uploading photos, checklists, forms, etc. to the computer or managing a physical storage location.

Instead, you do all your work directly in the computer. This gives you the option to view reports and documents remotely. If someone requests a specific document, you can quickly send it through Frontline’s HACCP software.

You’ll have more oversight of critical control points and your team’s efforts to handle them. And this will make it easier to find areas of improvement within your HACCP system.

Food safety hazards
HACCP software

Customize workflows

With a manual tracking system, you’re limited by the constraints of the forms, checklists, and physical storage locations you use. HACCP software eliminates those constraints by allowing you to customize workflows. This means that your reporting system will have structure while also being flexible enough to accommodate any changes to your standard operating procedures.

Another benefit of customized workflows is they help you enforce your established procedures. For example, you can set up your reporting system so that employees must follow the documentation steps you’ve outlined in your HACCP plan. This ensures that employees follow the plan—making it easier to determine when you need to change your processes.

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