Frontline for Facility Management

EHS software for facility management

Use the Frontline software suite to document facility maintenance, manage workers, and coordinate major operational changes.

Maintain visibility into process and changes

Feel confident about the safety of all changes occurring within your chemical facility.

Minimize risks, maximize productivity

Avoid spills, improper storage, or mishandling of chemicals by by improving training and process management.

Record and rectify safety incidents instantly

Document both near misses and incidents, and send out action items instantly from anywhere.

Frontline EHS for site management

Keeping your site clean and organized is easier when you manage your site’s activities in our EHS platform.

Digital facility management

Frontline EHS software is a powerful facility management tool whether you manage a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or processing site.

And with our convenient mobile app, you can manage action items from anywhere in your facility.

That means you spend less time organizing documents and more time getting work done

Digital ID verification

Our Frontline CSM tool allows you to verify whether your contract workers have completed their training requirements before letting them onsite.

Scan their badges with our mobile app and ensure that every city contractor is compliant with local and federal EHS training regulations.

How does EHS software improve facility management?

A common issue that facility managers come across is keeping track of all the moving parts within their operations. From employee training to equipment maintenance and regulatory requirements, each area must be optimized for the entire facility to be safe and efficient.

Whether it’s mandatory facility inspections, incident investigations, or safety reports, there’s always an admin task to complete. On top of that, most facility managers are in charge of creating, delegating, and oftentimes completing these tasks themselves. And that’s the same whether you run a warehouse or production plant.

The biggest benefit of facility management software is that it reduces the amount of administrative work you have to do in order to keep your facility running smoothly. And that’s because, time and time again, managers cite administrative tasks as the number one strain on their time.

Frontline’s software suite has awesome out-of-the-box features to help you organize all the information you’re collecting on a daily basis. From the system you can manage training requirements for both employees and contractors. You can also assign corrective actions to members of your team and run a simple report to figure out what they’ve completed.

And with the change management tool, you can oversee major organizational changes to things like processes or critical equipment. Not only does this aid in the prevention of safety incidents, but it also helps to protect your facility from large regulatory fines.

Another major facility management issue that software improves is the coordination of maintenance activities. Keeping your site clean and organized is essential to the well-being of workers, contractors, and visitors. Using software to log and oversee maintenance tasks is an excellent way to improve your site’s overall efficiency.

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits of EHS software is that it makes reporting much easier. Instead of building reports from scratch for every meeting, you can use the Frontline system to quickly build reports on things like the status of action items and your employees’ outstanding training requirements.

“Having a central, safe location for all of our events and action items to be collected, analyzed, and tracked has improved productivity and saved us countless hours”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

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