Struggling with risk analysis?

Find and manage risks with better oversight of your entire EHS operation.

Track actions and gain visibility

EHS risk management software from Frontline provides the tools you need to prevent risks from all sides of the operation. From safety training compliance reports to action tracking analytics, you can easily find areas that need more attention.

With the collaboration that cloud reporting provides, you and your team will have better visibility of sitewide safety risks. And increased visibility means you’re more likely to catch patterns that could lead to incidents in your facility.

Record risk assessments

Using Frontline’s EHS risk management software, create custom reports and workflows for risk analyses. Add, delete, and reorganize your forms and checklists to ensure that no details are missed during inspections and audits.

Having a place to record and refer to your risk assessments means you can look for patterns. If you’re dealing with the same hazard repeatedly, for example, use past risk assessments to identify signs that led up to the hazard’s recurrence.

Action tracking

Manage and change workflows

Part of risk management is understanding when a process or procedure isn’t working. From your dashboard, view your team’s progress on things like:

  • MOC tasks
  • Outstanding action items
  • Incident reports
  • OSHA compliance documents

Identify risk indicators

The analytics from EHS risk management software can transform your oversight—especially if you manually track and calculate your metrics. Whether you want to track training completion or hazard audits, you can access it all from the cloud.

The system makes it easy for an employee to upload a job hazard analysis, for example, and for you to view their findings. From there, you can assign corrective actions and monitor incident prevention solutions. This collaborative approach to risk management creates a comprehensive snapshot of your site’s safety efforts.

“Frontline’s products have excellent reporting tools, automatic email notifications and reminders, and they are user friendly for administrators and end users.”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

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