Frontline for Public Works

EHS software for public works

Frontline EHS software makes it easier for public works departments to manage the services they provide to their cities.

Maintain visibility into process and changes

Feel confident about the safety of all changes occurring within your chemical facility.

Minimize risks, maximize productivity

Avoid spills, improper storage, or mishandling of chemicals by improving training and process management.

Record and rectify safety incidents instantly

Document both near misses and incidents, and send out action items instantly from anywhere.

Manage changes

  • Review changes before implementation
  • Set up a standard approval process
  • Collaborate on major changes
stages of moc
high voltage electrical safety training on the frontline lms

Standardize processes

  • Require documentation for some tasks
  • Delegate action items efficiently
  • Schedule recurring tasks

Organize data

  • View the status of all EHS tasks
  • Add notes and attachements to forms
  • Create and filter detailed reports
incident details in the frontline dashboard

“Having a central, safe location for all of our events and action items to be collected, analyzed, and tracked has improved productivity and saved us countless hours”

Joseph Anderson,
PSM Superintendent, Kaneka

Public works EHS resources

A quick guide to EHS software for municipalities

This guide covers the uses of EHS software in the municipal services sector.

Storm water management for industrial activities training course

This free course from our LMS training library covers stormwater management basics.

Monthly safety report template from the Frontline content library

Use this Excel template to complete a full risk assessment of your processes.

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