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“Frontline Data Solutions’ has helped us save time and optimize critical HSE processes”

Company Overview

Since its establishment in 1960, SeAH has specialized in steel materials used in various industries, including energy, automotive, heavy machinery, and construction.

SeAH excels in producing pipe and tube that meets the demands of the harshest environments, including those with extreme temperatures and highly corrosive conditions.


Centralize fragmented HSE processes and eliminate time spent on deciphering data.


The Challenge

In the past, our employees would document action items or HSE incidents on paper forms and turn them into someone on the HSE team. The HSE team would then enter the data into spreadsheets. There were too many ways for the data to be mismanaged. We were constantly having to restore the file, meet with management in a room to review each item separately.

The goal was to save time for the entry of action items by the HSE team, no more 2 hour meetings once a month to review all of the action items to see what has been completed, empowering our employees to report as needed.

The Resolution

The HSE team attended an on-site training course with Frontline and it was made clear that we could lean on them for any questions that we had. We took advantage of that and that helped the transition to the system. Now that it is in a cloud-based system, with minimal ways to corrupt the data, it is saving time for everybody. Frontline Data Solutions EHS platform is intuitive and has helped us optimize critical HSE processes.
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Tracie Holler
HSE Coordinator, SeAH Steel

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