The City of Las Vegas saves time by investing in the Frontline MOC tool

The Las Vegas Public Works Environmental Division used Frontline MOC to standardize its change management approach and free up valuable time. 


Meet the Las Vegas Environmental Division

The City of Las Vegas (CLV) Public Works Environmental Divisions’ mission is to provide sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure services to Las Vegas residents. 

It also provides coordination and compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and permit requirements. 

Industry: Wastewater Treatment

Company Size: 100+ employees

Challenges: Tracking MOC process completely by hand

Solutions: Frontline MOC

Overwhelmed by MOC compliance 

The City of Las Vegas’ Public Works Environmental Division operates three wastewater treatment facilities that serve the city’s residents. And as anyone who works in municipal services knows, there are a lot of variables at play. 

From managing contract workers to meeting regulatory requirements, it can be really difficult to oversee everything by hand. And for the Environmental Division’s EHS program, this has certainly been the case. 

One of the biggest challenges they’ve faced is overseeing compliance with OSHA’s management of change requirements. After implementing their own approach, they quickly realized how hard it was to track MOC activities by hand. 

And because manual tracking took up so much time, they decided to look for a digital tracking system instead. That’s where we stepped in to help.

Optimizing the MOC process 

The biggest way we’ve helped the Environmental Division is by providing a standard workflow. Our software solution, Frontline MOC, prompts users to follow the exact same process every time they start work on a new change request. Our workflow includes the following steps: 

  1. Pre-approval (optional) 
  2. New 
  3. Evaluation (optional) 
  4. Collaboration (optional) 
  5. Approval 
  6. Implementation 
  7. Startup 

You can learn more about the change management process here

With this workflow in place, the Environmental Division no longer has to track progress by hand. This eliminates all the time people spent emailing, talking, and attending meetings to get changes implemented. Instead, all the change activities take place in a central hub. 

The other big benefit of this digital solution is that it takes away the documentation burden. Because all records update and back up to the cloud, they don’t have to manage physical files anymore. This has virtually eliminated the issue of people unknowingly working on the same tasks or working off outdated documents. 

With the help of our MOC tool, the Environmental Division can focus its attention on finding new ways to serve its city, all while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

“The onboarding process was incredibly pleasant, and I was able to roll out the software to a team of about 80 people with a minimal amount of training.”

Aly Mikos, Business Specialist

Throw away your to-do list with Frontline MOC

Our out-of-the-box MOC tool allows you start tracking changes from the moment you implement it. No more meetings or long lists to stay on top of changes in progress.