“Frontline’s MOC solution improved our MOC program by leaps and bounds”

Company Overview

City of Las Vegas (CLV) Public Works Environmental Divisions’ mission is to provide sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure services to Las Vegas residents.

CLV also provides coordination and compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and permit requirements.


Utilize technology to meet regulatory requirements and spend less time managing MOC processes.


The Challenge

Our previous solution was clunky, not meant to do what we needed it to do, required one person to invest significant time in energy into managing the tasks associated with MOC. It tied up personnel and resources and prevented me from working on other pressing tasks and projects.

It was challenging to ensure all tasks were completed, let alone tracking the metrics associated with the change. For our organization, the comfort to know things won’t fall thru the cracks, and a record of the change is being maintained was a must.

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The Resolution

Frontline improved our MOC program by leaps and bounds. Many tasks are now automated and keeping records in the system makes it easy to reference old MOCs for annual audits.

The on-boarding process was incredibly pleasant and I was able to roll out the software to a team of 80ish, with a minimal amount of training. The software is intuitive and user-friendly, that our team was able to pick up skills quickly.

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Aly Mikos
Business Specialist, CLV Public Works Environmental Division

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