Carrier Bidding System

Save time and costs by simplifying your carrier procurement process.

Reduce your shipping costs

If your company ships products or acquires raw materials in bulk, Frontline’s web-based Carrier Bidding System can help you better manage your carrier procurement process. The software features a real-time online bidding engine and other tools to make the carrier procurement process more efficient. Click here to learn more about how our Carrier Bidding System can help you save administrative time and transportation costs.
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Leverage logistics and create savings

Currently, most companies lack the ability to leverage real time logistics to create savings. Industry statistics show that over 80% of transportation costs are incurred via long-term contracts. Companies manually schedule the logistics for each load or group of loads via telephone, email, and fax. This process is labor intensive, administratively cumbersome and does not provide the best available value. It lacks the value derived from dynamic bidding, efficiencies created by the automation of administrative tasks and the ability to provide pre-qualified Carriers with the opportunity to leverage real time logistics.

Key features of carrier bidding system

  • Define your customers’ delivery requirements, as well as your special equipment, safety and pick-up requirements
  • Use the system enterprise wide with each site managing its own procurement of carriers qualified for its products, raw materials, customers and suppliers
  • Publicize loads to qualified carriers, while preventing participation from carriers who fail to meet requirements
  • Allow central carrier offices of multi-sited carriers to see all loads from all sites, allowing for optimized use of carrier equipment and resources
Carrier bidding systems

“Frontline’s MOC and ACT systems have proved to be much better than our previous two systems. We have been able to keep all departments involved and MOCs progressing through the system.”

Joseph Anderson, PSM Superintendent

“We were looking for an MOC tool that was client configurable, had integrated action item tracking, and had a powerful Learning Management System tool. We found this in Frontline’s products. The easy to use and understand interfaces have reduced training and implementation time.”

Steven Lake, Plant Manager

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