What is the meaning of SIMOPS in oil gas production?

SIMOPS means simultaneous operations, which means you have multiple operations happening on the same pad or location and they could interfere with one another if not careful. When operations in south Texas first started we didn’t run into many SIMOPS pads but and the years went on we would revisit already producing and punch another hole in the ground which we never had an issue with that or main concern would be carry over from the production side.
Where it did get risky and had a few issue with the wells communicating back and forth was if we had drilling and another completions operations going on ( frac, coil unit, flowback, workover) I was on a few jobs that we had to shut down and wait until drilling reached a certain depth or frac was done with their stages. Like I said most of the time we didn’t have issues but was better to be safe than sorry on some others.