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Frontline’s web-based incident management software is a comprehensive tracking system for managing incidents, accidents, near misses, audits, inspections and other EHS-related events. The issue tracking software makes it easy to document, communicate and investigate such events, as well as track completion of resulting corrective and preventive actions.

With our incident tracking system, you will be able to create a single, searchable database of all EHS-related events affecting your company and ensure that events are adequately communicated and addressed, thereby reducing environmental, health and safety risk and maintaining compliance with OSHA and other regulations.

In addition to its function as an event/incident management system, it can also be used to track completion of one-time or recurring EHS-related action items, such as compliance inspections and plant housekeeping. Action item assignees can be asked to complete a custom form and address deficiencies by creating additional action items.

Frontline’s Incident management software was developed hand-in-hand with key industry players and was the first of its kind on the market.


Event and Issue Tracking Workflows