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Management of Change (MOC)

Frontline Data Solutions' Management of Change or Change Management is a web-based collaboration and workflow software designed to manage changes systematically in process chemicals, technology, equipment, facilities, or procedures. The software significantly reduces the administrative overhead of assigning, tracking, reporting and following-up on approvals, tasks, checklists, action items and training required to implement changes in regulated and non-regulated processes in an enterprise environment.

Management of Change (MOC) Process Workflow

Click here to view a document explaining process at each workflow stage.

Key Features

  • Progression through stages such as Pre-approve, Originate (scope),Collaborate (online discussions with SMEs), Approve, Implement, Start-up and Close-out (see workflow above).
  • Ability to create customized forms and checklists that aid completion of MOC tasks, such as engineering and process hazard reviews, process safety information documentation update, Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR), and punch list items.
  • Pre-approvals and approvals are conducted online by one or more people or position titles, in any order desired.
  • Approvers can approve, disapprove or place hold on any change request, with a convenient method to store, retrieve, edit and re-workflow any disapproved request.
  • Generate, assign and track critical and non-critical action items for any change request.
  • Enforce completion of all critical tasks and action items prior to start-up of the MOC.
  • Seamless notification and training of people affected by the change.
  • Create workflow templates that have collaborators, approvers, tasks, implementers and checklists pre-populated for various categories of changes. Such pre-defined templates speed up the MOC creation process, and maintain workflow consistency.
  • Allow frontline workers (operators and technicians) to conveniently submit and track MOC requests.
  • Attach drawings (redline P&IDs), documents (procedures), and equipment data to MOCs.
  • Link equipment tag numbers to MOCs to maintain lifetime change history for any piece of equipment.
  • Automatic and on-demand e-mail notifications designed to enforce MOC progression through workflow stages, action item completions and change awareness training. Special e-mail notification configurations allow managing temporary and emergency changes.
  • Manage temporary changes via mandatory expiration dates, notifications of expiring changes and resumption of normal operation, or approved extension of temporary operation.
  • Allow Managers to forward MOC tasks to their designated backups in their absences.
  • Easily retrievable complete MOC data that includes all pre-approver, collaborator, approver and implementer comments, completed checklists, attachments, action items, and training/notification sign-offs.
  • Designed as an enterprise SaaS software, each location can individually create and configure MOC requests with enterprise-level functions, tracking, reporting and management capabilities.

The software complies with all aspects of the Management of Change section of the OSHA's Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations for highly hazardous chemicals (29 CFR 1910.119) and EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations (40 CFR Part 68). It is currently in use at a variety of large and small chemical, energy, oil and gas companies such as Occidental Petroleum, Total Petrochemicals, W. R. Grace, SI Group, CVR Energy, Dakota Gasification, Hess EG, Bostik Adhesives, Haverhill Chemicals, AOC Resins, MGP Ingredients, PMC Group, LINN Energy, Elementis Chromium, Calcasieu Refining, RockTenn, K2 Pure Solutions, Pryor Chemicals, Noranda Aluminum, Kaneka Americas, Virent Energy, Texas Molecular and Gulf Chemical. Some operating locations track over a hundred MOC requests per month using this software.

Our Management of Change software is also being used successfully to manage capital projects workflow on offshore oil platforms, with workflow participants in geographically dispersed onshore and offshore teams.

Customized Hosting, Data Migration and Integration Services are available for the software as presented above.

Contact us if you would like to view a guided demo of the Management of Change software via an online meeting.


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