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Learning Management System LMS (TrainingMine™)

Frontline Data Solutions' TrainingMine™ Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based software application that is designed specifically for compliance-oriented, heavily regulated and high-risk chemical, energy, oil, gas and engineering/construction companies, where timing, performance and accountability are important. Its powerful training management functions include developing, managing, and delivering comprehensive training and compliance plans.

Key Features

  • 100% web interface for learners, administrators and content authors
  • Create and manage training at multiple companies, company locations and departments
  • Hierarchical organization structure allows distribution of administration, content authoring and reporting functions
  • Create training and compliance plans (curriculums) using a combination of online, off-line and blended content
  • Create, catalog and administer both job-specific and compliance training such as safety, health, environmental, industrial hygiene, IT, HR or legal
  • Powerful notification functionality and management reports designed to ensure 100% compliance with the assigned training
  • Smartly manages refresher training and training content revisions
  • Create effective tests, surveys and assessments containing a variety of question types for any kind of training

Click here to view a critique of TrainingMine by Brandon Hall Research, a leading independent e-learning research company.

Content Options

TrainingMine LMS offers a variety of choices for training content: online, off-line and blended. You can design development plans (curriculums) and attach content using any combination of online electronic and off-line learning events. For online content, you can use one or more of the following options:

  • Any electronic document such as a Microsoft Office (Word or PowerPoint) file, a PDF or HTML file, or an image (drawing/picture) file. Documents can be uploaded to our Internet servers, or remain on your Intranet file servers or a document or content management system such as Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Online training courses containing multimedia
    • Use a course from built-in Course Library of 350 titles; any course can be edited and localized if necessary.
    • Create a training course by using TrainingMine’s built-in authoring tool, or any third-party e-learning authoring tool.
    • Upload a PowerPoint presentation that is converted automatically to a course.
    • Obtain a course from any third-party AICC or SCORM conformant content provider.
  • Change (MOCs) and event (incidents, near-misses and audits) notifications from the integrated Management of Change and Action Tracking software applications.
  • Off-line content (such as classroom, certification, performance training event)
    • For instructor-led classes, TrainingMine provides complete enrollment, resource management and recordkeeping functionality.

Click here to view a list of existing courses in the TrainingMine LMS course library. You may also wish to review the hosting, data migration and integration services that we offer for this software.

TrainingMine LMS has enabled major companies such as Occidental Petroleum, W. R. Grace, Total Petrochemicals, Arkema, SI Group, Leidos Engineering, CVR Energy, Tatweer Petroleum, Americas Styrenics, Hutchinson Sealing Systems, Cardno ATC, PMC Group, Erachem Comilog, Calcasieu Refining, Elementis Chromium, Gulf Chemical, Ineos Phenol, Merisol, MGP Ingredients, K2 Pure Solutions, Total Exploration & Production, Texas Molecular, Haverhill Chemicals and AOC Resins to solve significant business, legal, regulatory, process and IT training challenges.

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  • Pic The facility’s web-based safety training and tracking system, as well as the use and implementation of the system is exceptional. During the audit, auditors did not identify any findings regarding H&S training related to the web-based training. This is an extraordinary accomplishment based on the number of employees requiring training and the number of training classes that are required. The management has emphasized and enforced accountability through use of the TrainingMine system at the plant. Pic

  • Pic Our company has been using TrainingMine for over five years, currently handling about 20,000 records a month for about 10,000 employees worldwide, for a total of 1 million live records so far. The system's incredible flexibility, stability, and complexity assure us that our training tracking is being handled efficiently. Pic

  • Pic Today, there are over 3.2 million training records in the database and performance continues to be outstanding. All sites maintain 100% of their training records via this web-based software. Pic