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Action Tracking (ACT)

Action Tracking is a feature-rich web-based event and action item tracking and management software that allows you to track events such as:

  • Incidents, accidents and near-misses
  • HSE, ISO and insurance audits
  • Regulatory compliance inspections
  • Non-conformance and corrective action reports
  • Process hazard analysis (PHA) or other hazard evaluation studies
  • Safety and employee suggestions
  • Meeting minutes
  • Engineering and Maintenance projects and turnaround
  • Any similar activity that requires documentation, workflow and corrective actions

The software allows you to set up workflows to track event documentation, investigation, approval and completion of resulting corrective and preventive action items. It is designed for enterprise usage, with a hierarchical organization of users, events and action items by company locations and departments.

Events are documented with reusable online forms, created using built-in form designer. Online forms can additionally be attached to complex action items to facilitate effective analysis and implementation. You can also assign and track recurring regulatory compliance tasks, requiring assignees to complete the attached forms or checklists, and document deficiencies with additional action items.

People assigned event and action item tasks are notified by periodic emails. Links provided allow people to view the event and action item details, recommended implementation steps, review prior progress, report new progress, complete required forms and checklists, and submit documentary evidence via attachments. Shown below is a graphical representation of the process workflow:

Event and Action Tracking (ACT) Process Workflow

Event and Action Tracking (ACT) Process Workflow

Click here to view a document providing an overview of this event and action tracking software.

Key Features

  • Use built-in form designer to create custom online event and action item forms and checklists, with choice of form fields, data types, field and data formats, and form layout.
  • Place shortcuts to commonly used forms such as incident near-misses and safety suggestions on employees' desktops for convenience in reporting events.
  • Events and action items are organized by company locations, departments and configurable categories such as safety, environmental and quality.
  • Events can be reviewed by people using real-time, online collaboration for investigation, comments and suggestions for corrective and preventive actions.
  • Custom checklists can be attached to complex action items (such as root cause analysis) to facilitate completion.
  • Action items are assigned with due dates, and can be ordered in series and/or parallel.
  • Action items can be assigned to a role or a job title, with anyone in the role allowed to enter progress or complete the item.
  • Any action item can be set up with a verifier confirming adequate action, or requesting additional action before closing out.
  • Assign and manage recurring compliance tasks such as HSE inspections, regulatory reporting and audits. These can be set up to recur automatically after a selected number of days or months with target completion dates. Tasks can be attached to custom checklists and assignees can add action items to track deficiencies. Each recurring task assignment and completion is documented and can be retrieved during compliance audits.
  • Configurable email notifications and reminder frequencies for assigned action items, with escalation emails to supervisors and managers.
  • Action items can be imported from third-party databases using custom interfaces for consolidation of all action items.
  • A completed event can be used to notify and train people using the integrated LMS module.
  • Report builder allows creating custom reports to track in process and completed events, action items and data entry in the custom form fields.

Our event and action tracking software is currently in use at a variety of large and small chemical, energy, oil and gas companies such as Occidental Petroleum, SI Group, PMC Group, CVR Energy, Ineos Phenol, Dakota Gasification, Bostik Adhesives, Haverhill Chemicals, Hess EG, Wolverine Pipeline, LINN Energy, RockTenn, AOC Resins, MGP Ingredients, K2 Pure Solutions, Leidos Engineering, Pryor Chemicals, Texas Molecular, Elementis Chromium and Calcasieu Refining.

As this is a web-based enterprise software, you may wish to review the hosting, data migration and integration services that we offer for this software.

Contact us if you would like to view a guided demo of the Event and Action Tracking software via an online meeting.


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